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Mark Gram
Springfield, Illinois
High School: Quincy High School
Loves: Illinois sports, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, reading, and politics

Eric Pedigo
Birthplace: Chatham, Illinois
High School: Glenwood High School
Eric is a Chatham native and Glenwood graduate.  He and his wife Amanda live in Glenarm with their three children.  Eric started hosting a sports talk radio show on the internet in 2005. In 2008, he began co-hosting Fantasy Football 101 with Adam Stark, Mark Gram, and Nicorelli. Eric can be heard every Sunday morning from 9-11am on Sports Radio 1450.
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The Sports 101 Blog.

The disgusting Penn St affair -

As most everyone knows by now the Freeh report on the investigation into Penn State's handling of the Jerry Sandusky sexual molestation case is out. What is revealed in the report is that at least 15 years of dispicable behavior by a monster against young children was allowed.

I could go on but I think it better if you read Dan Wetzel's piece, which also has a link to the 200-page plus report.

One more thing, those of you that said there was no way that Joe Paterno was involved with this and still idolized the can stop now. Please.

- The MLB All-Star Game was great to watch...right up until the first pitch. From there on, my interest waned. Too many players on the rosters, starters only playing an inning or two (not including Rafael Furcal), and pitchers being taken out and brought in so fast I developed a headache. Put the rosters at 30 players and if a team doesn't have a player worthy of being on a roster, so be it.

- Steve Nash to the Lakers eh? Should take a considerable amount of strain off of Kobe. Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis now members of the Miami Heat. The rich only get richer. And if the cry-baby in Orlando finally gets traded, the 2012-2013 NBA season will be very interesting.

As we continue to get closer to NFL camps opening up, I give you a couple of fantasy football sleepers to consider.

Robert Meachem - Meachem always seemed to get lost in the merry-go-round of receivers during his time in New Orleans. Blessed with good athletic ability, I see Meachem stepping right into the spot left by Vincent Jackson. With a QB who loves to throw (Philip Rivers), and Antonio Gates only about 80% of what he was 2-3 years ago, Meachem should get plenty of work.

Josh Freeman - I was on Freeman's bandwagon last year and paid the price. After a poor season last year, I'm going to stick with Freeman this year as well. The additions of WR Vincent Jackson and TE Dallas Clark give Freeman 2 quality players to throw to...not to mention returning WR, Mike Williams. Good things on the horizon in Tampa.

That's all for now.

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Sports 101 Blog.
Does anyone watch Wimbledon anymore?

I can't do it. I've tried. To me, it's like watching paint dry. I understand that there are very good players out there...but they have NO personality!

I guess I'm spoiled by watching McEnroe and Connors in the '70s and '80s. I need more yelling and screaming and berating of chair umpires to keep my interest.

MLB All-Star Game.

Remember the saying, "The Game's the thing?" Obviously,
many involved in MLB don't. Instead of looking forward to the last pro All-Star game worth anything, we're subjected to this ongoing fued between former Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa and current Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker.

Baker is whining that LaRussa intentionally slighted Reds P Johnny Cueto by not naming him to the game as a managers pick. LaRussa didn't help himself by saying he decided against naming Cueto because Cueto was scheduled to start on the Sunday prior to the All-Star game. Sounds legit...but alas, that reason is in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Ooops, maybe as a pre-game feature we could give LaRussa and Baker boxing gloves and let them go at it for 5 minutes.

By the way, Cardinal 3B David Freese made it on the team over Bryce Harper and Micheal Bourne via fan voting. The next day, Cardinal C Yadier Molina, who was voted in as the backup C, had to opt out of the game due to a family dealth.

While that is not an issue, it seems strange that Cardinal OF Matt Holliday was named as Molina's replacement. Holliday certainly has the #s, but I would have thought that Harper or Bourne would have been the first choices.

- Looking forward to watching Steve Nash at PG for the Lakers. Takes a lot of pressure off of Kobe.

- Ray Allen signing with the Miami Heat just what they need...a veteran that can drain a 3-pointer with regularity.

- New Cub 1st baseman is looking like the shot-in-the-arm Cub fans have needed for a very long time.

- I don't know about you guys, but I'm really looking forward to the Olympics.

- Illinois football under new HC Tim Beckman is just around the corner. Coach Beckman and his staff has done a fine job recruiting.

- Speaking of recruiting, Illini mens BB HC John Groce and his staff has already hit the ground running. The next few weeks I think we'll be excited with the commitments.
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