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Mark Gram
Springfield, Illinois
High School: Quincy High School
Loves: Illinois sports, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, reading, and politics

Eric Pedigo
Birthplace: Chatham, Illinois
High School: Glenwood High School
Eric is a Chatham native and Glenwood graduate.  He and his wife Amanda live in Glenarm with their three children.  Eric started hosting a sports talk radio show on the internet in 2005. In 2008, he began co-hosting Fantasy Football 101 with Adam Stark, Mark Gram, and Nicorelli. Eric can be heard every Sunday morning from 9-11am on Sports Radio 1450.

The 10 Rules of Fantasy Football

Heading into the 2012 fantasy football season, it's best to lay out a few ground rules before assembling your team and heading into pretend battle.  Here are ten basic guidelines to follow to ensure maximum success as you embark upon your fantasy journey.
  1. Do Your Homework- It's not that hard to pick up a magazine or check out a  website or two a few weeks prior to your draft.  You never want to be the one drafting the guy who just retired or was released in the offseason. 
  2. Understand Your League- How many roster spots are you allowed?  What's the scoring system?  Is this a keeper league?  What do your starting lineups look like?  How many teams are in this league?  Does your wife know about this?  Why aren't you answering? 
  3. Arrive to Your Draft Prepared- You can show up without a cheatsheet, a writing utensil, and your entry fees if you really want to, but you may be subjected to a severe beating from your fantasy peers, and those guys are tough.
  4. Draft the Best Player on the Board...Usually- That website that duped you into paying 50 bucks for a bunch of information you could have got from ESPN for free may tell you that you have to draft a running back first, then two receivers followed by a QB, but that might not be your best path.  Usually the best player available is your best option.  The trick is to draft the best player to fill out your starting lineup. 
  5. Don't Get Duped into Paying Money to a Fantasy Site- It's not that they're not good at what they do, it's that they can't give you any information you won't find on one of the major sites for free. 
  6. Don't Get Hammered at Your Draft- It's fine to have a drink or two while drafting with your buddies, but you really want to keep a clear head on draft day.  However, getting your opposition drunk is both encouraged and appreciated.  Try bringing a 12 pack and handing out 9 or 10 of them.
  7. Don't be a Negligent Owner- Everyone whole-heartedly hates owners who all but abandon their teams.  Respond to trade requests, maybe even offer a few yourself, and whatever you do, DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR LINEUP! Real talk
  8. Prey on the Weak- Not all fantasy owners are created equal.  Some are created super dumb.  Take full advantage of these people via lopsided trades, not-so-honest "friendly" lineup advice, and all around shady behavior. Side note- this is sound advice to apply to your real life also.
  9. Never Draft a Kicker or Defense Before the Last 2 Rounds- It just doesn't make sense.  They're the only two positions that you can get top ten producers in the last round.  Listen, because you chose to wait until the last round, you HAD to settle for a top ten defense.  How do look yourself in the mirror?
  10. Have Some Fun, it's Just a Game- Make fun of each other on your message boards, maybe even get a little too personal.  Taking a shot at a recent divorce, or an owner's ugly kid will always get a laugh.  Just don't let anything get you too upset.  A known truth about the guy who takes fantasy football way too seriously is that he's the guy everyone else in the league is making fun of.  Calm down.
  11. Listen to Fantasy Football 101 Every Sunday Morning at 9:00 on Sports Radio 1450- That's the most imortant rule of all...Happy drafting!

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08/25/2012 10:26PM
The 10 Rules of Fantasy Football
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08/25/2012 10:39PM
Hell, I broke four of these last year, and swept it.
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