Padres @ Cubs – 1:20pm

Nationals @ Braves – 6:05pm


Cubs @ Giants – 8:45pm

AM Springfield Guests

Monday, July 22nd

Springfield tourism chief Scott Dahl will join Amy Beadle to talk about the tourism industry in Springfield.

Tuesday, July 23rd

Alderman Chuck Redpath will join us on Tuesday’s show.  He’ll tackle city issues and if you’ve ever followed Chuck’s work on the “Horseshoe”, you know he doesn’t hold back.  Look for appearances by fellow aldermen and more.

Wednesday, July 24th

On Wednesday, Dr. Ronald Romanelli with Orthopedic Center of Illinois will be your host.   In case you’re not familiar, he performed knee replacement surgery on both of Sam’s knees in recent weeks and months.

Thursday, July 25th @Mill Creek Alzheimer’s Center

One facility has a proven track record of helping Central Illinoisans with dementia.  Mill Creek Alzheimer’s Center will be our location on Thursday.  We’ll hear from volunteers and family members of residents there.

Friday, July 26th @Susan’s Auto Mall

We’ll talk to the folks at Susan’s Auto Mall about their fleet of vehicles up for grabs and now it’s a great place to get a cleaner car thanks to the opening of Susan’s Auto Wash.