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Short and sweet (maybe).

The Cubs and Rizzo

The Chicago Cubs have a problem of sorts. They have a bright, shiny, prospect at AAA by the name of Anthony Rizzo. Perhaps you've heard of him. He's only hitting .356 with 23 HRs and 59 RBI.

Think the Cubbies could use a young stud like this? Without question. But there's an issue. With the Cubs...there's always an issue.

Do they bring Rizzo up now at a point in the season where Chicago is 14-1/2 games out and falling quickly? If the Cubs wait till June 23rd to bring him up, he will fall short of the 172 days he would need to have 1 full year of ML service (Rizzo had 68 games with San Diego in 2011). This would prevent Rizzo from reaching free agency until after the 2018 season.

Or, do they keep him in AAA the entire season and start him at 1B opening day in 2013?

I'm not a Cub fan, but if I was I sure would be screaming at the Cub brass to bring this kid up now. There is so little to keep a Cub fans interest right now. Why not bring up the top prospect in the organization who is going to be your starting first baseman eventually anyway? Judging by the empty seats I'm seeing more and more at Wrigley field, I believe in would bring a shot of interest/excitement to the fanbase.

The Cubs are already eating 20 million in salaries (Zombrano and Byrd) and if they are lucky enough to trade Alfonso Soriano, they will most likely most of his remaining $45 million salary. If they bring Rizzo up I'm convinced that the Cub fans that have stopped going to games will once again come to the friendly confines. Lets also not forget the season-ticket holders that have stopped coming. They would once again show up. And although their seat is already paid for, they fork out money in other areas.

I'm not trying to say that bringing up Rizzo would solve all the Cub ills, but wouldn't it bring some hope, a breath of fresh air, to a team that so desperately needs it?

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07/18/2012 7:55PM
Short and sweet (maybe).
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